Art by Jewels Zao


   She having completed a graduate degree in jewelry design, JEWELS is a jewelry designer and watercolor artist.  Naturally drawn to artistic expression, she began to learn painting and explore various painting techniques on her own from the age of six. The beauty of nature is one of her primary sources for inspiration, and painting and exploring the wonders of the natural world are her two favorite things to do. 

  While following her career as a jewelry designer, she paints as a way to reach deep inside of herself and play on her imagination, wishes, and inspiration. She says, "I love to use my design and painting to make life a little more beautiful, so everyone can find and enjoy small moments in time.  I feel that design empowers and facilitates communication."

  During her career she has won various international awards for her nature-themed jewelry designs and paintings.  Her online jewelry studio and website features her jewelry designs and paintings.