About  Jewels-Zao

 She graduated with a Masters degree from the top jewelry design university in China and worked as a university teacher for 9 years. She has her own design studio and is also experienced at appraising diamonds, holding an appraisers certificate in China.

About the Modern jewelry Design ~Ray of light

Material: Wood/glass/glass/silver/fiber/metal

  Through the cold Alaskan, is the ray of light, to the left a dark era deserves stay have story. Complete reflection of a ray of light in a medium such as light and glass, from the surrounding surfaces Back into the medium, Let different materials blend together with light and shadow, inhaling and exhaling together, as if we were one being.I am you, and you are me.  The part of  jewelry is made of wood to express the warmth and tolerance of nature, while the glass represents the calm and toughness of nature. Also the green glass color threw long shadows across the air, Like we dancing in the dark and got  loosed.

Recently this set was invited to the biennial exhibition in Florence, The exhibition, together with the famous "Venice Biennale" and "Milan Triennale", is known as the "three major art exhibitions in Italy". Piero Cerona, vice president of the organizing committee of the Florence Biennale, said, "The biennial has established the 'Lorenzo Award for Lifetime Achievement', which is awarded to people who have made outstanding contributions to the field of international contemporary art.